Expertly designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, our services provide you with the expert-level communication proficiency required to succeed in the digital age.

The digital transformation entails not only the rapid decline of traditional command-and-control leadership but also the end of ‘leadership communication as usual’, infamously known as telling & selling. Yet many leaders and organisations struggle to find a viable alternative, leaving unanswered a string of key questions. For example, how do you effectively drive the performance of the empowered employees, the agile teams, and the amorphous, cross-functional networks that increasingly define modern business organisations? How do you pro-actively build trust and shared purpose, which are seen as cornerstones of future leadership success? How, in fact, do you enable employees to maximise their contribution toward shared company objectives?

Here is how. 


Highly interactive and devised for up to 15 participants, our in-house workshops target key areas of leadership communication. Note that the plug-ins and deep dives are stand-alone trainings, i.e. they can be taken independently of either Step 1 or 2. Click on the respective titles below for key details.

Step 1: Closing the Communication Gap
Step 2: Climbing Communication Peak
Plug-in: Storytelling like a Leader
Plug-in: Presenting like a Leader
Deep Dive: Leadership Communication in a VUCA World
Deep Dive: Evolutionary Leadership

Tailor-made to suit your needs and expectations, our consulting services combine in-depth analysis with clear-cut solutions to remove the specific barriers that block your path to creating high-performing work units. Special focus is placed on managing and communicating corporate changes in a constantly evolving VUCA world and preparing for a new age of leadership, following the ongoing decline of the traditional top-down approach. 



In anticipation of a much-asked question: no, we don’t follow a set approach such as systemic coaching, nor do we work together with certified coaches. Instead we will have conversations with you – about leadership, communication, and employee engagement; about how people work, about what makes them work, about how they like to work. That said, we will reflect on your personality, your professional experience, and the specific circumstances of your workplace. We will not tell you how to do your job, but we will provide you with everything it takes to be a good, effective leader.

Experience a powerful speech on the game-changing paradigm of Evolutionary Leadership and/or the core principles involved in closing the ‘communication gap’. Designed to open up new perspectives and stir a mindset change in the audience, our passionately delivered key-notes are supported by a stunning presentation and ideally suited for leadership conferences and all-managers meetings. An abridged version lends itself to shorter break-out sessions.

Key-Note Address

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